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Session Fees

My fee is $250--350 per session, depending on the type of work we are doing together. 


Most therapy treatments require meeting at least once a week.

I am an out of network provider which means that you pay me directly per session. I will provide a receipt on a monthly or bi-monthly basis that you can choose to submit to your health insurance company for potential out of network reimbursement. This interaction is between you and your insurance company. I cannot guarantee any insurance reimbursement. 

Insurance Reimbursement

If potential insurance reimbursement is important to you, you may want to call your insurance company directly and ask the following questions: 1) does your policy have out of network reimbursemnt, 2) if so, is there a deductible to meet and how much is the deductible,

3) is there a limit to the number of sessions covered per policy year. 

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Rock Balancing
Balancing Rocks

Questions about fees?

While good therapy is truly priceless, I understand that therapy is also a finanical investment. I'm happy to discuss fees and insurance information directly.

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