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Bassett Buono

LP, M.Ed., NCPsyA
Licensed Psychoanalyst

I am a NYC-trained and licensed psychoanalyst offering in-person treatment in Manhattan and teletherapy treatments for people from all over the states of New York and New Jersey----making psychoanalytic treatment available to people who may not otherwise have access to it. 

My Practice

In-person psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in Manhattan for individuals and couples and teletherapy through a psychoanalytic lens for individuals and couples who reside in New York City, New York State, and New Jersey

There are difficult experiences and periods in life that inspire or require us to seek outside help and support. Whether an acute crisis, a long-term struggle, or a desire to develop and grow personally, I help patients create change and begin to feel better.

I do this in part by helping people recognize and embrace their strengths, sharpen their coping skills for the inevitable challenges in life, and identify and reframe self-defeating thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Our work together allows my patients to connect more easily with their instinct and their true sense of self and to live a more satisfying and fuller life. This is done in a collaborative, open, and safe environment and we focus on the details of both daily life and on lifetime themes and patterns.

My practice is committed to being anti-racist and open to people interested in psychoanalytic work regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, policitical views, or gender. 


Contact Me

Please feel free to call or email me.

I will personally return your message within 48 hours. 

Kelly Bassett Buono, LP, M.Ed., NCPsyA
Licensed Psychoanalyst
Kelly Bassett Buono Psychoanalysis PLLC

Chelsea, Manhattan (in-person)

Goshen, NY (in-person or virtual)

NY State and New Jersey (virtual)

Tel: 646.510.1593
Fax 845.477.1918

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